Save money on Medicare Supplement Insurance

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* Randolph Bourne, "The Handicapped - by One of Them", The Atlantic Monthly, Sept. 1911

Save Money on Medicare Supplement Insurance

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An example — This is much the same in dozens of states:

Ruth and Jane live in the same zip-code but do not know one another. They are the same age and in similar health. Ruth pays over $283 a month for her Medicare Supplement Plan.

Jane pays $136 LESS EVERY MONTH for the same exact Medicare Supplement Plan.

According to the Medicare & You Guidebook, the same plans issued by all private insurance companies must provide exactly the same benefits. They may differ only in cost.

Thanks to today's computers we can let you know about rates for your zip-code that may be far less than you are paying.*

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Saving money is this simple, thanks to computers and today's internet. We will give you your own code number to login with on your personal computer. If you don't use a home computer, this can be done over the phone.

* Expanded information about Medicare Supplement savings

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